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At a time when service is really important to consumers cautious with their money a local Interflora florist in Braintree florist has been acknowledged for offering the best customer service in the country. As a reward, Fleurtations florist shop based in Braintree, Essex recieved a special visit from the Interflora Mercury Man last weekend. The Mercury Man is the Roman messenger god and has been Interfloras world-famous emblem since 1914, encapsulating fast delivery and excellent service. On Saturday he spent the day with proprietor Yolande Turgoose and her team, working in her shop and handing out flowers to passers-by. Fleurtations also ran a competition to win a beautiful bouquet delievered by the Mercury Man himself. The lucky winner was local resident Trina Whitaker. Fleurtations is a family run business and Yolande has been a qualified florist for over 30 years with enormous experience in all aspects of the florist industry. A real family affair her daughter Nadine Keeble and son-in-law Christopher also work with her.

November 19, 2012